Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Canada- United States Discussion on Climate Change

President Barack Obama plans to make his first trip to Canada on 19 February, where the discussion of a North American climate-change policy will be discussed with the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Canada wants to have an environmental policy that is more aggressive on climate change. And in doing so, energy issues are at the fore-front. According to Environment Minister Jim Prentice, "When you're talking about climate change policy you're basically talking about the policies of energy consumption." Canada may be vying for a better climate change policy, but they are also seeking for ways to protect development of their oil sands, whose production process is one of the most environmentally destructive. Canada currently accounts for 19 percent of US imports of petroleum, making US security of oil supply an important factor in the discussion. There are also hopes for the laying of groundwork for an agreement on a North American cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon emissions during Obama’s visit.

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