Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hopes for an improved international relationship on climate change

Obama has already followed through on his campaign promises for US climate change and energy problems. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reports Obama’s statement of climate change as a domestic and international priority, and assured Washington’s full cooperation to make the UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen a success. This comment came a day before Vice- President Joe Biden spoke at the Munich international security conference on 7 February, where he stated ‘our administration's economic stimulus package, for example, includes long term investments in renewable energy and we believe that's merely a down payment.’ Relations with China are also looking for advancement as US Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s calls for China and the US to act fast and in unison on global warming. This report not only seeks a cap-and-trade system, but calls for a ‘top level strategic partnership’ between these competitors and top emitters.

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