Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Link for UN's Webcast

The UN webcast of the assembly's consideration of the resolution regarding climate change's security implications can be found here. It started at 10:15 AM, eastern time.

The General Assembly's consideration of this resolution is important because it recognizes that

Because it was brought by the Pacific Small Islands Development States, specifically the island of Nauru, this debate will focus on questions of soveriegnty and refugees from states that could lose their territory to rising seas. The resolution that will be passed is a compromise that will request a report from the UN Secretary General, not request that the issue be reported to the UN Security Council.

UPDATE: The Representative of Nauru, in introducing the resolution said that her nation is "In danger of ceasing to be a state." Because of climate change, she said, "The survival of whole populations and their lands" is at risk. Although its not contained in the resolution, she said that the Security Council has the responsibility to consider the security effects of climate change.

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