Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Scientific Specifity Needed

According to the today's NYT, the IPCC's next report may be very helpful for policymakers:
"More attention will be devoted to research on the potential for dangerous changes in ocean chemistry as seas absorb billions of tons of carbon dioxide. Another focus will be large-scale artificial methods of countering warming, called geo-engineering.

The panel will also try harder to identify anticipated impacts of climate change on certain regions, and options for fostering resilience in especially vulnerable places like sub-Saharan Africa."

While the IPCC cannot make policy recommendations, outlining the impacts of specific policy options, such as geo-engineering, and providing more detailed climate scenarios would help policy making and persuade the public on the urgency of climate change. Until then, there is only anecdotal evidence of persistent water shortages near Beijing, in Somalialand, in the West Bank, and in Mumbai. Having causal evidence of climate change on specific regions would aid security and development policy.

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