Thursday, September 3, 2009

Afghanistan's vulnerabilty to climate change -- as if they don't have enough to worry about

Climate change may exacerbate security challenges in Afghanistan, a country already torn by war and instability for almost a decade. A recent report by the Asian Development Bank cites Afghanistan, along with India, Nepal and Bangladesh, as a country likely to face water and food security challenges due to climate change.

With a GDP of only $23 billion and 80% of the labor force in agriculture, Afghanistan's vulnerable to drought and famine. NATO's security commitment to Afghanistan involves not just military operations but efforts to provide a stable government and improved economy. In order to prevent the rise of extremism, the US counter-insurgency process will take years not months. The question now is to what extent, if any, has the US accounted for climate change modeling in its long counter-insurgency strategy? What measures will the US take to help adapt to climate change in Afghanistan?

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