Friday, September 4, 2009

Can 'Security' argument get Climate action through the Senate?

According to Jill Lawerence at PoliticsDaily, the talk of climate change as a national security threat could 'power then energy bill to Senate Passage.' I think this is an important debate to have, but unfortunately, its become simplified. Its impossible to do 'nuance' when you're trying to use a message to 'power' something through the Senate. Is climate change a threat to security? Of course. I wouldn't be running this blog if I didn't think so. However, will climate change cause a war? Its complicated, but probably not on its own. Will climate change kill Americans? Yes -- absolutely, but they probably won't think about that as a hurricane is coming after them.

As I mentioned earlier, we should not overstate the climate security argument. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only way that it will get traction. Supporters have tried green jobs, but that's run into headwinds. They've tried energy independence, but that is a mirage. Now, we hope that security can convice people to take the real threats of climate change seriously. We're already seeing a backlash, but can this convince just a few?

Why couldn't be be more like the French? They're taking action on climate to protect their wine!

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