Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Carl Bildt: few issues are as important as climate change

The Swedish Government -- as the current President of the EU -- will play a critical role in Copenhagen. They have long been involved in study and discussion about what the

This week, Foreign Minister Carl Bildt arrived in Paris, and climate policy was the lead area of focus. As an event, titled “Can political action successfully address climate change?” at the Parisian university Sciences-Po, Bildt spoke with French Foreign Minister Kouchner British Foreign Minister Miliband. Reportedly, the presentation focused on the security policy consequences if we fail to curb global warming.

Bildt explained that climate change has had political consequences in the past, but never before have we seen the likes of what we are experiencing today. Mr Bildt said that he and Messrs Kouchner and Miliband, as foreign ministers, must step up their efforts and explain for colleagues around the world that climate change is not just a climate issue, but also most certainly a political one.

"Climate change affects stability and security in parts of the world that are key to global stability and security,” said Bildt

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