Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The European Model for Climate Change

I have a new article up in the December-January issue of Survival. Its for subscribers only, but non-subscribers can read the first 500 words here.

This is a review essay of David Buchan’s book: Energy and Climate Change: Europe at the Crossroads (a steal at 25 pounds!). My argument is that Buchan’s book should be used as an instruction manual. Policymakers looking to set up aggressive action on climate change – either at the international or the domestic level – should learn from the mistakes and the successes of the EU. Though they’ve had their difficulties and false starts over the past decade in setting up an effective regime, Europe has finally succeeded in creating a climate policy that will allow it to meet its Kyoto targets.

For other important views on climate change in this month’s Survival, I’d suggest reading “Climate Change and Copenhagen: Many Paths Forward” by Paula Dobriansky and Vaughan Turekian.


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