Wednesday, March 31, 2010

President Obama's Energy Security Speech

Below is a live stream of President Obama's speech on energy security.  Notice how we've gone fully in the securitization of energy policy.  The President is announcing the new energy plan in front of a fighter jet.  I think it looks like a Navy F-18, but this is an Air Force Base, so that can't be right.  Post in the comments, if you think I'm wrong. 

From the preliminary reporting I've read about the speech, I'd say that offshore drilling must be a very important part of our national energy policy.  However, it is just a part, that must include renewable energy, natural gas, and new technology.  We can't solve our energy security problems by simply drilling offshore, but politically I would say that breaking the taboo on offshore drilling is an important signal that the US government is willing to take the difficult steps to really address energy security.

I'll write more after the speech.

UPDATE: it appears that the White House's stream is only audio.  If you want video, CNN has it here:

UPDATE #2: it was a Navy F/A-18.  However, it was a 'Green Hornet' that had been modified to fly on a 50/50 mix of jet fuel with biofuel.

UPDATE #3: Now I've got the White House's Video successfully embedded. 

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