Monday, January 12, 2009

Climate and Security News: January 12

Focus on the Environment
In an opinion piece on Defense News, Sherri Goodman and David Catorious of the Center for Naval Analysis (CNA) argue that the Obama Administration will need to treat global climate change as a national security threat. They argue that domestic action on infrastructure, clean energy, and improved energy security is an important, but not sufficient, step to addressing climate change. In order to truly address climate change as the global security problem it is, they argue that the Obama Administration lead in negotiating a truly global climate change treaty.

Climate warming means food shortages, study warns
A study recently released in the Journal Science says that global warming will drastically reduce crop yields and lead to a disastrous food shortage for billions of people. Conflicts caused by food and resource shortages are considered one of the largest security threats from climate change. However, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, in Boulder, CO points out that "The reality would be somewhat less grim than what they're presenting," because crops would be adapted for higher temperatures.

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