Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Senator Kerry: "Climate Change is a National Security Threat"

At today's confirmation hearing for Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, the new Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, specifically refferred to climate change as a "national security threat." Personally, I would prefer that policy-makers would not simply say "climate change is a national security threat" without explation. In this case, it seems that Kerry is just using it as a slogan. I would like to see him -- or others -- explain why they think its a national security threat.

This is from his prepared opening statement:

Before turning to Senator Lugar, let me say one thing about global climate change: Many today do not see it as a national security threat. But it is -- and the consequences of our inaction grow more serious by the day. In Copenhagen this December we have a chance to forge a treaty that will profoundly affect the conditions of life on our planet. The resounding message from the recent Climate Change Conference in Poland was that the global community is looking to our leadership. This Committee will be deeply involved in crafting a solution that the world can agree to and the Senate can ratify. And as we proceed, the lesson of Kyoto must remain clear in our minds: all countries must be part of the solution.

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