Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Climate and Security Linkages

This week, I'm trying a new technique: the link drop.  I'll put together a list of all the links which I think are interesting and related to climate security (so no baseball links).  The idea is to quickly get a broader cross-section of news and views, as well as to engage more closely with other blogs. 

The Economists' "Free Exchange" blog shows that the US' oil dependence causes a large part of the annual trade deficit. 

The US Climate Bill
Andy Revkin's "Dot Earth" blog has a discussion of the recently released "American Power Act" from Senators Kerry and Lieberman.  He thinks, if passed, it would prove to be a 'nudge' towards clean power-- but little more.

Nicole Allen at The Atlantic says that the bill isn't going anywhere, ironically because of the oil spill.  Dave Roberts at Grist agrees - unless Obama gets involved (I think that's right).  Senator Kerry thinks this is the best chance: "our planet can't wait for the perfect bill. We need to get a really good bill now".  The Chamber of Commerce hasn't decided if they support or oppose the bill - which is a small victory for Kerry-Lieberman

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