Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NBC Nightly News on Climate Security

Via the Institute for Environmental Security, I found this report from NBC's Nightly News about climate change and security issues, focusing on Egypt.  Though it is from five months ago, I think the reporter, Jim Maceda, does a fairly good job of listing the major concerns about how climate will impact security, particularly rising sea levels, diminished water supplies in transboundary rivers, and climate migrants.  It also includes brief interviews with some of the most high-ranking voices arguing about climate security, including Gen. Anthony Zinni, the former CentCom commander and and Admiral Neil Morisetti, the UK government's lead on climate security.

I do have a couple of quick concerns with the report. First, the reporter blithly say that countries upstream on the Nile from Egypt are building dams that will harm Egypt's future water supplies -- without saying that the fact that there are so few now is a testament to the power that Egypt wields over its upstream neighbors. Second, he mistakenly quotes from a report from "aid group Alert Interntional" -- of course it's International Alert (here is the report mentioned). Other than those, though, this seems to be a fairly robust, if quick, overview of current thinking on climate security

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